Fashion and Architecture: The Perfect Fusion


The relationship between fashion and architecture is not only in the fact that both are visual languages, but also that both focus on structure, proportion, form, texture, color, volume, functionality and above all creativity.

Fashion and architecture seek to beautify something as basic as covering our body and having a roof to shelter us, they are able to convert two basic needs such as clothing and roof in pure beauty, and that is where the magic appears because they have had as main objective to protect the human being.

That need to create beauty makes it undeniable that many fashion designers create architectural designs and architects design fluid buildings, seeking connection and inspiration, transcending what was conventionally the other.

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It is not surprising that many internationally recognized fashion designers come from the world of architecture, as is the case of Angel Sanchez, of Venezuelan origin, who studied architecture at the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, and practiced the profession in his native country, and then decided to move to the United States to start his career as a designer, settling in New York City.

His first steps in fashion when he settled in the United States were focused on the creation of wedding dresses, over the years he stood out, in turn, for dressing Hollywood celebrities, and today, hand in hand with Christopher Coleman, he has managed to merge his passions and turn them into business, which has ensured his success by merging fashion and architecture.

The firm Sanchez + Coleman Studio, has been able to design beautiful interiors, highlighting great restaurants, luxurious hotels and all those properties that require particular styles where an environment full of luxury and sophistication is merged.

Among the projects of international scale is Kasa Punta Cana Residences, located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. It has a privileged location in Downtown Punta Cana, and is inspired by the urban style, under the context of the tropical lifestyle thus creating a private oasis.

The project is emblematic and seeks to create a new concept of lifestyle, where modernity stands out, taking care of details of both its exterior and interior, with ample recreational areas, strategically designed for the enjoyment of its residents.

In this way, the union of fashion and architecture is not limited, but they work under the same language capable of feeding back, the idea is to create something beyond what is sold, but that lasts over time and differentiates itself from others.

The ephemerality of fashion has found its foundations in architecture!

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