Social Responsibility

It is a non-profit organization belonging to the Noriega Group Business Holding that provides support to infants who require social assistance to carry out medical treatments and supplies throughout the Aragüeña entity.

What do we do at Fundanor?

We investigate cases of boys and girls who have functional diversity and publicly express the need to raise donations to cover medical expenses, purchase of equipment and supplies, planned surgical intervention or treatments for any pathology, necessary for their mobility, recovery of health and complete physical well-being.

In addition, we promote food delivery days in order to contribute greatly to social well-being and raise awareness among the general population of the problems of child malnutrition that are evident in educational institutions and public health centers.

- Mission

Collaborate with boys and girls who suffer from functional diversity and require surgical intervention, supplies or financing to carry out treatments, therapies or rehabilitation, and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of the little ones and their familiar surroundings.

- Vision

To become the main organization dedicated to providing help to boys and girls who have functional diversity and require financing to pay for surgeries, treatments or acquire medical equipment, motivating the participation of citizens and other organizations to raise funds.

- Our values

• Commitment
• Generosity
• Respect
• Solidarity
• Sensitivity
• Kindness
• Equity
• Participation

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