Ecological Terraces: Solutions that turn roofs into Urban Gardens


The most effective way to save energy and use natural resources is to implement the trend that encompasses the development of ecological terraces, it is curious how years ago it was considered a challenge for urban architecture, nowadays it is possible to implement sustainable, efficient, simple and affordable solutions.

In the world there are more and more projects with green roofs, this trend is used in terraces that have enough space to design a garden, this space can offer multiple advantages from the point of view of landscaping and sustainability in construction.

Green roofs are part of the green technologies that seek to improve the environment, with the capacity to help reduce CO2 concentrations and energy consumption, are an efficient temperature regulator and contribute to slowing soil erosion.

Terrazas ecologicas by noriega group noticias de arquitectura

Sustainability in Green Roofs

The main benefit is the reduction of temperature, in the case of buildings in hot climate zones, usually reaching 30ºC, and by implementing a green roof it is kept below 26ºC, an aspect that highlights the reduction of energy use and the use of air conditioners, guaranteeing optical insulation and a considerable reduction in the use of air conditioning equipment, which can generate savings of 23% to 75%.

On the other hand, green roofs encourage urban agriculture, allowing residents to be motivated to start planting and harvesting different types of vegetables, legumes or fruits at home, this motivates the space to be considered as a recreational area, taking into account its size, you can include in the design benches to rest and enjoy the scenery, there are even projects that implement long trails and sports areas.

Pareja joven en una cita Terrazas ecologicas by noriega group noticias de arquitectura

What are the benefits of ecological terraces?

  1. During the rainy season, green roofs can absorb up to 80% of the water, preventing gutters from overflowing.
  2. Green roofs can prevent cracked and brittle roofs due to high temperatures and the sun’s rays.
  3. Green spaces can reduce indoor temperatures by 4 to 5Cº.
  4. Vegetation can act as a protective shield against fires due to the water retention of plants.
  5. They can act as a sound barrier reducing up to 8 decibels compared to common ceilings.
  6. Las plantas en los techos son un beneficio para reducir la contaminación del aire ocasionado por los edificios que atrapan el calor del sol.
  7. Plants on roofs are a benefit to reduce air pollution caused by buildings that trap the sun’s heat.

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